Wednesday, May 11, 2005


The last few weeks have been far less productive than usual. I have been extremely tired for much of the time. My reading has also taken a considerable dip. Last month I reread Wright's The New Testament and the People of God for the second or third time. I read Robert Jenson's On Thinking the Human, Jordan's The Sociology of the Church, Yoder's The Politics of Jesus. I have got about 70 pages into Jesus and the Victory of God and have also started reading Vision: The Scholarly Contributions of Mark Searle to Liturgical Renewal. I have not read a whole lot else. Most of my reading at the moment takes place on the bus to and from work and during my lunch breaks. Many of my evenings have been occupied with other forms of work. I have had a number of talks to prepare for and when I do have evenings off I usually crash. I expect that things will pick up over the next month or so. Much of my backlog of work has been cleared and I only have a few things to prepare for. I will be spending the last week of this month in Poland visiting friends. I will also get to meet James Jordan for the first time. I will also be able to catch up on some reading during my travels. I want to read Peter Brown's Augustine of Hippo. I have accepted an unconditional offer from the University of St. Andrews to study there from new year. I will be starting in the second year of a four-year MA course. Somehow or other I will have to find the time to brush up on my Greek and Hebrew. I expect that I will probably blog something lengthy later on today.

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