Sunday, February 06, 2005

Younger Brothers 

My brother Jonathan and his wife Monika have posted for the first time on their new blog (a Christmas present from Peter). By the way, Peter celebrates his 15th birthday on Saturday this week. It would make him very happy if he had lots of visitors on his blog over the next few days (even better if they left comments!). Mark is getting on well at the moment. Since we sent him to Coventry he has really settled in and is a very active member of the Christian Union. This weekend he challenged a Muslim friend, who has been attending Christian meetings and having studies with Mark for months, about the pressing need for repentance. His friend was very thoughtful and is counting the cost. Please pray for him at this crucial time. Tomorrow he will probably be visited by Annewieke and some of Elbert's relatives. This weekend I will be in Wales. I hope to meet up with two of my Polish friends and to get some serious study done (please pray that this would work out). I will be accompanying Peter for part of his journey to Coventry, where he will spend a day with Mark.

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