Monday, November 15, 2004

New Blog Links 

It has been a long time since I last updated the links on my blog. Today I finally got around to doing it. I have removed a few old blogs and added a number of new ones. One blog, Pontifications, has been exalted to the heady heights of Favourite Blogs status. Whilst I often find myself disagreeing with the Pontificator, I almost invariably find him stimulating. His regularity in posting, humour and writing style combine to form a blog of superior quality. Jeff Meyers has started a new blog, which I am now linking to instead of Corrigenda. I have also updated the link to Barb’s blog (yes, my links were that outdated!). A number of people have moved to new blogs. Having enjoyed the previous Solemnibus incarnation, I am sure that I will enjoy Aaron Stewart’s Solemnibus II in the future. There are a number of promising newcomers. Dennis Hou’s blog has quickly become part of my staple blog diet. A number of his posts are quite insightful. Do take a look. Joshua Gibbs new blog, Folding a Map, has some of the best writing that I have come across in the blogosphere. Those who want a break from the aridity of the writing style of bloggers such as yours truly will find welcome respite in the vibrant prose of Joshua’s blog. Other blogs that I have added include By Living Waters, Eleysium, Here We Stand, Irate Nate’s Weblog, La Sabot Post-Moderne, RatherNotBlog, The Confessing Reader, The Elepel, Unbeknown Paedobaptist, Upside Down Asylum, Chronicles of an Allotment, Engelandvaarders, Inklings from an Intern, Meam Commemorationem, Word of the Day, Skopos, Truth Becomes Lies, The Red Fire Hydrant and Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam. I have also added links to the following websites: CovenantRenewal.com, Regent Radio, VidLit and Homestarrunner.com.

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