Saturday, October 30, 2004

Confession time. I am a regular reader of James White's blog. I am on the Trinity Foundation's e-mailing list and I follow the Warfield and byfaithalone lists. Occasionally something is said on these blogs and forums that is of benefit (well, apart from the Trinity Foundation). Just yesterday I came across the link to this site from James White's blog. It made me laugh anyway. Mark is back from uni for the weekend. It is great to see him again. He seems to have had a really good time so far. We had a time of prayer around at Jonathan and Monika's and then played Settlers of Catan. I have not come across any board game that is quite so addictive. I might have to wait for a few days before Elbert is on good terms with me again! My granny came out of hospital today and seemed to be in better form than she has been for the last few weeks. Peter will be going back to school on Tuesday. I can't wait. Tomorrow I will probably be going skiing for the first time. I am hoping that my ankle doesn't play up again. It still hasn't properly healed from the time I injured it earlier this year.

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