Saturday, September 18, 2004

Which Theological Waterway are You? 

I stumbled across this article while trying to find out where to obtain Wright's booklet Evangelical Anglican Identity: Problems and Prospects. I find the waterways illustration it plays on quite interesting. I guess that I am best described as a smooth-flowing, meandering river that tries to avoid any form of turbulence or eddying currents and seeks to feed off as many tributaries as possible. I guess that someone should make one of those internet quizzes out of this: What theological waterway are you? The article also contains this quote from Wright, which I thought that I would share with you all:—
The church is not something tacked on at the end of the gospel as in much old dogmatic theology and much modern evangelical misunderstanding. If the gospel is wrenched out of the context of the people of God, it will not resonate with all its true overtones: that is, it cannot be properly understood except as the climax of Israel’s history and the foundation of the church.

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