Saturday, July 17, 2004

I realize that Wright is an intelligent man, and that he undoubtedly reads a great deal of (mostly liberal) literature about the Bible. However, I do not believe he is expert with the text of the Bible itself, or for that matter, overly concerned about what it actually teaches. And this is a charitable assessment of the situation -- the other option is that he knows full well he is mishandling the text and is therefore being deliberately dishonest with what the Bible teaches. Would Wright do such a thing? It should be noted that the context of Wright's view of Paul's teachings is made clear when the reader considers that Wright disavows not only inerrancy but even denies Pauline authorship to all of the canonical epistles historically attributed to St. Paul by the historic Christian faith.
These inciteful (sorry, insightful) observations are brought to you courtesy of Semper Reformanda Festung. I am sorry about the delay in my next posting on Wright. It should be up within the next few days. I have been quite exhausted this last week and did not have the energy or willpower to finish my next post, let alone go through the torturous process of sorting out the footnotes.

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