Wednesday, May 12, 2004

I had cause to read The Gospel Standard Articles of Faith today and I was wondering if anyone could give me an historical background to this statement within it:—
And we believe that Christ's human nature consists of a true body and reasonable soul, both of which, together and at once, the Son of God assumed into union with His Divine Person, when made of a woman and not before (Luke 2:40, Heb. 2:14-17), that this human nature was not sinful, peccable, or mortal (Ps.16:10, Acts 2:27), though capable of death by a voluntary act (John 10:17-18), but essentially and intrinsically pure and holy (Song 5:9-16, Heb. 7:26)... [emphasis added]
I know that there was a debate in the early history of the Plymouth Brethren on the subject of the mortality of Christ, but I was not aware prior to today of this particular article within the Gospel Standard position.

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