Thursday, April 22, 2004

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Omnitheism is the belief that God is The Creator, and that all religions are designed to praise The Creator. In Omnitheism all religions are respected but none are recognized as the only path towards appreciation of God. Omnitheism is a fresh path to deep and pure appreciation of The Creator.

The word Omnitheism is a combination of Latin and Greek. Omni is Latin for “all or every” and theism derives from Greek meaning “belief in God”. I chose to combine these two words to represent my belief that all religions were developed to praise God for Creation. The creed of Omnitheism is to accept that part of all religions that praises God for Creation.


You know the feeling when you roll down the car windows to smell the pine trees during your Sunday drive or the goose bumps you get listening to a fine musician? Take that feeling one step farther to recognize that it is appreciation that you feel, appreciation towards God for creating what we perceive. The shiver of joy that we feel when we realize the beauty of Creation is the goal of Omnitheism.

In the same way that Hindus say “Namaste” to each other to recognize the God in each person I honor the Creation in each person.

In my spiritual path I have found that the feeling of joy that I feel when I consider Creation is a goal unto itself. As an Omnitheist I want to reach a state of constant appreciation of Creation. I will struggle to sustain my feeling of spiritual joy in every moment of my life. That is my devotion to God. I devote myself to appreciating God’s gift to us.

Funny, this. The God that I worship revealed Himself most fully in One whose face was 'marred more than any man'. The world turned away in disgust at this Man and yet this Man is my God. This Man had no form, comeliness or beauty that we should desire Him. When bystanders looked at the bloody mess that His body was reduced to I'm sure that they didn't go all gushy and emotional about the beauty of creation. The God that I worship provokes the world to nausea, not goosebumps. All that the world sees in the cross of Christ is failure, death, weakness, shame, despair and condemnation. For the Christian the cross is victory, life, God's power, glory, our hope and righteousness. As our lives are also lives moulded by the cross we will find that we provoke the world's revulsion, just like our Master. The world should look at us and see the same failure, death, weakness, shame, despair and condemnation that it saw in Him. The aesthetic beauty of the creation in which we live is a poor place to look to find the Creator. The face of creation is fundamentally inscrutable and we can study it for as long as we like and still fail to see the face of the Creator. The beauty of the Creator is the beauty of holiness that is revealed in the cross. Those who construct a god out of the nice feelings they have about creation and toss it up into the heavens are foolish. Such a god could never be revealed in Jesus Christ. The truth about God cannot be read from creation, God must reveal Himself. Those to whom God has revealed Himself do not judge things by their surface appearance. They know too well that the truth about God is hidden until it is made manifest in Jesus Christ. Even the truth about our own lives as Christians can only be understood as we look to the One who makes them manifest (Colossians 3:3-4). Omnitheists may have to start each prayer with 'to whom it may concern' but as Christians we know full well who we worship — the resurrected crucified One.

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