Sunday, March 21, 2004

Stoke City's soccer match at the Britannia Stadium was called off this afternoon due to gale force winds. Strange to say, even though I live within walking distance of the ground I didn't particularly notice the wind. Admittedly I was reading or working on my computer indoors for pretty much the whole of the day. Today was one of those days — I have been having far too many of them of late — when I feel like my brain has ossified. I read for hours and my mind never fully engaged with anything, floating like oil on the water of my studies. Perhaps next week will be more productive. On a more positive note, I finally purchased a 2004 diary this week. Perhaps I will be able to organize my time more effectively over the next few months. At the moment my days have a rather disorganized look to them. Of course, there is a subtle underlying logic to them (that's what I tell myself, anyway) — rather like choreographed chaos. Unfortunately it often escapes me as much as everyone else. I guess that I am just too tired to be ordered at the moment. I have an awful lot of work to do, and have not had the energy to think about properly tackling it. Most of my time is spent reading or using my computer. Unfortunately, it has been harder to get exercise since my ankle was injured a month or two ago. I cannot walk too far at present, which is rather irritating. At the moment I am thoroughly enjoying The Victory According to Mark. It is accessible, enjoyable and very stimulating and thought-provoking. I have also just obtained a copy of Cranfield's shorter commentary on Romans, which I hope to work through soon. Today I have also been looking through a few books on the atonement, which has been interesting. I may give a few comments over the next couple of days. Yesterday I read through N.T. Wright's article 'On Becoming the Righteousness of God: 2 Corinthians 5:21' in Pauline Theology Volume II. I was more than a little disappointed, having bought the book, to find that Wright's article only occupied 9 of its 300 pages. Oh well. The article was good, but I was half expecting it to probe a bit deeper than it did. Over against the traditional reading of 2 Corinthians 5:21, I find Wright's proposal more or less compelling. I am still not entirely sure on every detail. Richard Hays argues that Wright should broaden his reading of verse 21 to take account of the fact that Paul introduces ambiguity of reference in the previous verses due to his appreciation of the relationship between his vocation and the vocation of the community as a whole. I am still thinking this over. Theologically Hays is certainly correct; exegetically I am still unsure whether the passage is actually saying this. I believe that Wright is generally correct in his position over against Käsemann, but again I am still trying to think some particular questions through. On Monday I am attending a day long conference on worship in Manchester. That's about all that I know about it at present. My father booked me in for it a few months ago. I might make some comments when I return. At present I am also thinking through my plans for next year. I would like to get some sort of 'secular' job locally and work at that for a few years. Most of my work to date has been done for Christian organizations of some type or other. Ideally I would like a job that does not involve staring at a screen all day, but it is unlikely that this wish will come true. I am also considering taking an Open University course alongside my work. I am thinking about what subjects to study at the moment. Something deep inside me wants to study Maths. I studied Maths and Further Maths for A-Level and I was always told that I really should go in that direction long-term. However, I will probably study Humanities, Classical Studies or something like that. Decisions, decisions...

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