Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Over the past few days I have been looking for some anti-Wright articles. I have read many of them already, but I am trying to find the best articles written against Wright's view of imputation in order to interact with them. I would be interested to have people's recommendations. I visited Monergism.com and was interested to find Jonathan Barlow's (very helpful) essay Levels of Theological Discourse and the New Perspective on the New Perspective page with the following written beside it, presumably intended to describe the contents of the article:—
"Imputation" in our systematic theological usage is the same idea as "reckoning." The system of salvation by Covenant Nomism that Wright advances is a different gospel.
It seems that many of the opponents of Wright don't even take the time to read the material that they suppose is written against him. The most important thing is to have a long list of articles and names that they can hide their ignorance behind and believe that Wright can be ignored and discounted. The statement that Wright is teaching Covenant Nomism as a 'system of salvation' is an indication of the sheer scale of the willful ignorance that exists in many 'conservative' circles concerning the thought of N.T. Wright.

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