Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Blog Roll Update 

I have just updated my blog roll. I have added 23 blogs in all. I try to keep relatively up to date with the majority of the blogs on my roll. Some I only watch out of the corner of my eye to see if any heresy is being propagated... I toyed with the idea of adding a Lutheran blog (I'll leave you all to guess which one) to the elite status of my favourite blog list. However, after consideration I decided that Jeff Meyers is the nearest thing to Lutheranism that I will allow on my favourites list. I also wondered whether my brother Mark deserves his place in my list of family blogs. He doesn't, but fortunately for him I believe in grace (and not just for 'getting in' — many on my list are only 'staying in' by grace too). I added a number of blogs of friends and acquaintances. (Yes, I have met some of these people!) Danny Foulkes, Stephen Dancer and a number of the members of the van den Broek family (Tracy, Lucy and Timothy) have all been added. I also added my friend Dave Manderscheid's blog in memory of his brother Steve. I reckon that his is one of the more original uses of a blog that I have come across. I have added Aaron Stewart's blog (Aaron will be familiar to all of you who follow the Wrightsaid list). I have added a couple of Catholics, a couple of Lutherans, a few Baptists and a number of others to my roll. Some of the best blogs I have come across are written by people from other theological traditions. I am only reluctant to add them to my favourites because I so frequently disagree with them. Taylor Marshall (high Anglican), Karl Thienes (Orthodox), Josh Strodtbeck (fiery Lutheran) and David Heddle (more a moving target than a Baptist at present) among many others, all make for extremely enjoyable reading. In other news, I have a lot of work on my hands over the next few days. Unfortunately this means that it is unlikely that I will be able to have my next post of Baptism ready soon. I had hoped to have the series finished before this next wave of work hit me. Hopefully when things clear up a little I will be able to finish it off. I will then post the complete critique on my new website. I already have a number of things on the waiting list to post. I have two studies on the subject of worship I have written that still need some touching up, a study on Romans 12, some thoughts on Catherine Pickstock's book After Writing: On the Liturgical Consummation of Philosophy, Schmemann's The Eucharist, Emil Brunner's The Mediator and the book A Royal Priesthood. I also have some material exploring some of the differences between the Reformed, Orthodox and Roman Catholic doctrines of the Eucharist. Unfortunately most of the material I produce will just languish in an unfinished state on my harddrive. Time does not permit me to return to it. On the positive side, I should be able to post a detailed study of N.T. Wright's doctrine of imputation in the not too distant future.

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