Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Alistair Cooke retires. Alistair Cooke is one of the few famous people I know of who have a name similar to my own. Of course, it is an alternative spelling, but I challenge anyone to find a name that has more alternative spellings than Alastair. These alternative spellings include:—
Alaster, Alastair, Aladair, Allister, Alastar, Alister, Alistaire, Alastaire, Alaisdair, Alistair, Alasdair, Alesdair, Alsandair, Alisdair, Allaster, Allistair, Allester, Allasdair, Aleister, Alastor, Allysdair, Alystair, Allastir, Allaistar, Allastair, Alista, Alaistair, Alasteir, Alaister
These are just a selection. Alastair comes from the Scots Gaelic form of Alexander. Another odd thing about my name: my cousin Alex was born one month after I was. Unbeknownst to my parents my uncle and aunt had independently chosen the name Alastair John for Alex. The name wasn't a name that ran in the family, nor was it a name of some acquaintance of the family (to my knowledge). As I was born first and named Alastair John, my cousin was named Alexander. Weird.

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