Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Update on news... Nothing particularly profound has occurred of late. At the moment I am trying to finish a number of jobs that have been on the backburner for far too long. My ankle continues to play up. I still can't do that much on it after I hurt it playing football a month ago. Somewhat annoying. This weekend has been quite busy. I was invited to speak at a local church Sunday morning (Matthew 11:25-30) and spoke at my own church Sunday evening on the Lord's Supper as the victory feast (continuing my occasional series on the Supper). On Monday night I finished my introductory series on worship at the theology class. Tomorrow I have been invited to speak on Romans 12:3-21 at the Staffordshire University Christian Union. This was all arranged at the last moment, as the speaker they were hoping for couldn't turn up. It will be my first time there but I must admit that I am quite looking forward to it. From what I hear they are a really good group (I also know a number of the members). At the moment we have a number of visitors. My granny has come up from Worcester for the week and we also have a visitor from a church in Tirana in Albania, Olti Todo. Our church has close ties with his church and we are hoping to further develop them over the coming years. College work has eased off after the exam period and so I have tried to take some of the extra time this leaves me with to write up a comprehensive review of Dr. Fred Malone's book on Baptism. I should post the next post sometime today. Unfortunately I haven't been able to do as much systematic reading as I would have liked to over the last week or two. I have read a good number of articles and have 'dipped' into books a lot. At present I am spending some time looking through the commentaries on Ezekiel and Jeremiah in the New Interpreter's Bible series. I am also reacquainting myself with much of the material relevant to the debates surrounding Baptism.

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