Thursday, February 05, 2004

I have just returned from Wales this evening. The Greek exam went well and it was good to visit a few friends at the college. I was particularly blessed to be able to see my friend Anatole before he returns to work in Cameroon. I will always remember Anatole for the countless long theological conversations I had with him while we were both at the college together. The conversations I had with Anatole and others were very formative in the developing of my understanding of theology. Not being able to have such conversations is one of the downsides of distance learning. Blogging, of course, is the next best thing. On the train I got to read some of Oliver O'Donovan's book The Desire of the Nations which I have anjoyed so far. I have been asked to write a review of the recent book The Baptism of Disciples Alone by Fred Malone, so I read half of that too. I'm informed that it's one of the best arguments for the Baptist position, but I'm not so sure. Expect a review in the next week or so. Tomorrow I start to catch up on all of the jobs that have been on hold over the last few weeks. I have a number of books I need to read and at least four or five articles I have promised to write. I have to work on my dissertation and prepare to give a talk on Monday evening. I also have to finish watching Season 1 of 24...

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