Thursday, January 29, 2004

A quick update on various items of news... Greek revision continues its rather fitful progress. At the moment the tedious sentences of revision are being punctuated by episodes of 24, which I am watching through with Mark. The exam is on Thursday. Richard has now moved out and is staying back at his own house. However, he is frequently coming over to do things with myself and Mark. I am still hobbling around and getting more than my fair share of ridicule. Richard still hasn't shown the slightest remorse for hurting my ankle in the first place... Jonathan managed to attend Steve's funeral. It went very well. Please continue to pray for Dave and his family. Steve was only in his very early twenties. Dave is now planning to move back down south to be with his parents for the immediate future. Snow has come to Stoke-on-Trent. As usual, we British are unable to cope with any extreme weather. Life ground to a halt yesterday and everything seemed to be cancelled. The schools were off and so Peter inflicted us with his presence for the day. ;-) We have just returned from attending a Rachmaninov gala performed by the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra. Excellent. The family and a number of friends attended. One of us (mentioning no names) slept through most of the second half...

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