Tuesday, January 27, 2004

A BAD day Yesterday was quite busy. I had to give a talk on the subject of worship in the evening and so a lot of the day was spent in preparation, alongside my Greek revision. After the meeting was over I wanted to get some other work done. I checked my e-mail and received an e-mail with a zip file attachment. I thought I recognized the name of the sender and (oh so very foolishly) opened it. Immediately, my computer began sending out e-mails. I disconnected as soon as I could, but not before a few had been sent out. If you got one, I'm really sorry. They all went straight throught Norton AntiVirus (with the latest updates) without being picked up. Since then AntiVirus itself has stopped operating on my system. I checked my machine for viruses over our network but picked up nothing. I am toying with the idea of wiping and reinstalling everything. It might also help to remove the accumulated files from the many games and other programs that have been installed but never fully uninstalled. Fortunately I have back-ups of much of my material. At the moment I am using another machine on our home network whilst mine is quarantined. I have accessed some of my mail from this machine and have found another two or three messages just like the one carrying the virus. It must be something that is going around at the moment. Be very careful about opening attachments to e-mails, even if you know who sent them. It doesn't look like Greek revision is going to go so smoothly this week... However, on the bright side, I received copies of N.T. Wright's For All God's Worth and Following Jesus and Alexander Schmemann's Of Water and the Spirit: A Liturgical Study of Baptism this morning. I had ordered these with Christmas money, and they all look very good. I have already read chunks of Schmemann's book whilst my computer has been inoperative. It has some very helpful observations. Expect some quotes on Sacramental Blog in the near future. If I manage to find a bit of time in the next few days I might also be able to write up my notes on my second study on worship and post them too.

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