Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Vintage Robbins

Apparently Steve Wilkins and the session of the Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church have no objections to a Baptist teaching in their church, so long as the Baptist denies the merits of Christ, repudiates the Gospel, and preaches covenantal legalism.

The appearance of Bishop N. T. Wright in January 2005 will be the culmination of years of efforts by the Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church to replace the Gospel of justification by faith alone with another message in the PCA.

See the whole horror file here. I am surprised that John Robbins did not find out about this sooner. However, the response is nothing less than we expected. This sort of attitude does the church of Jesus Christ no good whatsoever. It is high time that this weapon of mass destruction was decommissioned. Robbins is an embarrassment to whatever church he is a member of.

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