Sunday, December 07, 2003

Since the appointment of its new headmaster, the Church of England school that my brother Peter attends has ceased calling itself a 'Christian' school and now is a self-styled 'Faith' school. The top of its latest newsletter reads as follows:—

Happy Christmas Eid Mubarrak Greetings on Guru Nanak's Birthday

This time of year is full with expectation and excitement. Our Sikh families have just celebrated Guru Nanak's birthday and our Muslim families have just celebrated Eid which concludes their holy month of Ramadan. .... Our Christian families have just entered into the period of Advent ... , a time of waiting and preparation which leads up to Christmas. Eid and Christmas are in one sense a time for the giving and receiving of presents. More importantly for us, though, they are a time and opportunity to reflect seriously on our faith. The month of Ramadan and the period of Advent encourage us to get in touch with our spiritual side.
It goes on to say:—
As a Church of England school which recognizes God's image in all people we believe that we all belong to God's family.
They should know better than this. The Christian faith is far, far more than one means among many to get 'in touch with our spiritual side.'

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