Wednesday, December 17, 2003

It's 13:50 and I have just returned from watching The Return of the King. In my humble opinion it is the best of the three. I will probably see it again tomorrow evening. Some of us reserved Brits even applauded afterwards; it was obviously something very special! The showing was at 10 o'clock and we had agreed (after watching The Two Towers round at Jonathan's last night) to meet up at our house at nine and to be at the cinema by about ten past. Come 9 o'clock, we ring up Jonathan to ask him why he's taking his time. He is woken up by the phone and we tell him to hurry up. 'For what?' Now Jonathan has been known to be slow on the uptake, but this was bad even for him. Monika was gracious enough to go to pick him up. Jonathan repaid her by shielding her eyes for all of the Shelob scenes.

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