Monday, December 15, 2003

In the 'strange but true' category of history, N.T. Wright's first book (at least that I know of) was published by the Banner of Truth Trust in 1972. Rather ironic really! The title of the book was The Grace of God in the Gospel and it was a straightforward defence of the gospel against such enemies as Arminianism. It was 'written by four undergraduates while office-holders in the Oxfoird Inter-Collegiate Christian Union' — John Cheeseman (who has since reworked the book under the title of Saving Grace), Philip Gardner, Michael Sadgrove and Tom Wright. Michael Sadgrove is now the Dean-designate of Durham and comments on his old university friend's appointment to the post of Bishop here. This was all brought to my mind by the news I received today that my cousin, John Aldis, will become president of Oxford University Christian Union next year. Honestly, I could not think of a better person for such a post. Congratulations John!

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