Sunday, December 14, 2003

I was hoping to be able to post my next post on Justification and Catholicity yesterday (long, long overdue) and to post some stuff on the Lord's Supper. However, it did not work out. Instead I spent the day playing football, reading and doing other things. Yesterday morning my father was asked to prepare a talk for tomorrow to give on the subject of euthanasia to some teenagers in a school. He was unable to prepare in time so he asked me to take his place. As ever, Stanley Hauerwas provides by far the most insightful approach to the subject that I have come across. On some issues I wonder why I bother to read anyone else! I am seeking to treat the issue with a strong gospel thrust. Please pray that God will be glorified in it. It is my first time speaking in such a situation and I am not a little nervous, particular as my preparation time has been very limited and I am very unsure of what to expect.

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