Saturday, December 20, 2003

From The Times:—
THE police force criticised for its part in the Ian Huntley case kept a secret list of Irish people in its area, regardless of whether they were suspected of breaking the law. ... The database of Irish residents on Humberside was compiled during a campaign codenamed Operation Pre-Empt. Special Branch had been concerned that ports in the area could become entry points for republican terrorists and that local chemical plants could be targets for bombing raids. ... Divisions and branches in Humberside were told to notify Special Branch as quickly as possible of “anyone of Irish origin, descent or background” who was brought into custody, subjected to a routine street or driving check, or subject to any police inquiry “for any reason”. Special Branch was also to be told of any people with Irish names brought to the attention of police by members of the public, “in particular when seeking accommodation”.
Read the rest here (those of you in America will not be able to access this without a subscription).

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